Converse unveiled a refreshing new look to the classic All Star style…introducing the All Star Modern Collection.


Released earlier this month…”The Converse All Star Modern is a perfect fusion of our sport heritage with modern design,” say Bryan Cioffi, vice president/creative director of Converse Global Footwear. ” With this collection, Converse is delivering a comfortable lightweight product that’s new, exciting and modern, but still feels very Converse”


Converse presents update to its first series of things to come to the brands most iconic sneaker. The shoes come in five colors- black, white, action red, soar blue and lucid green. The creative team HTM, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker, also designed a limited-edition iteration of the All Star Modern, complete with premium goat leather upper, debossed All Star ankle patch and HTM logo on the hell pull tab.

This shoe is about comfort, it has circular knit uppers and features like Nike Hyperfuse, contoured full-length Phylon outsole, neoprene tongue and lining all to create a shoe that’s both lightweight and stylish.

This new design comes in two styles and is available in stores now. converse-allstar-modern

Images by Converse

Jesse Williams is not just another handsome African American actor, he is an activist. The youngest member on the board of directors at The Advancement Project, a civil rights advocacy group, he is also the executive producer of Question Bridge: Black Males, a platform for Black men of all ages and backgrounds to ask and respond to questions about life in America. In the last 24 hours he is known as a voice of empowerment as he gave his BET Humanitarian acceptance speech.

View his speech below.


Lawrence girls


Tell us about some things your learn about yourself when you became a father

One of biggest things I learned as a father is that my dad’s way of raising me was not necessarily the way I would be able to raise my girls.

What do you love most about being a dad?

The unconditional love my daughters show me on a daily basis. No matter how good or bad my day is my girls have a way of putting a smile on my face.

What are some encouraging words that you would give to a first time dad?

Love unconditionally.

What advice do you feel is necessary that you give to your kids as they grow and make their place in this world?

Design your own lifestyle and choose the vehicle that will allow you to achieve it. You will find your fastest growth when you go through problems.

Name:  Milton Lawrence Jr
Age: 37
MLOccupation: Entrepreneur
City & State: Baltimore, MD
Married to: Jaundice Lawrence
How many years have you been married? 10

At what age did you know you were ready to get married?

It was less about age and more about life experiences.

Why was marriage important to you?

Marriage was important because I wanted to disrupt the cycle of absent fathers in my family.

What encouraging words would you give to help another man understand the importance of marriage?  

Study her personality and love language. It will change over time as she becomes settled into the marriage. Never stop investing in learning about yourself and your marriage. I believe it is a lifelong task as are the mysteries of marriage.

What is something that you wish someone would have shared with you about marriage that you can share to enlighten others? 

Create your own rules and learn as much as you can about your ego.

What would you say is a key component to a successful marriage?

Create your own rules.

lawrencehusbandand wifeWhat advice would you give to a woman about preparing to be a wife?

Lead when you need to lead and submit when you need to submit. The nothing box is very real.

What are some things that you appreciate about your wife?

 My wife is a woman of strength, her mental toughness and willingness to complete me in the areas where I am weak is what I appreciate the most about her.

Nisey 8

India Arie wrote a song about a love in her life called Complicated Melody…she uses interesting analogies to describe a few of his characteristics. Use one of her examples to give an analogy of your wife or feel free to use one of your own.

If she were a fish, she would be a jellyfish. Beautiful on the inside and out, from the top of her head to the fertile wisdom in her belly.

Bonus question: Do you think that marriage is 50/50?

No – Marriage Is 100/100


Is there any other advice you would like to share about marriage?

  • Once a year take guys only and a girls only trip. It will allow you time to miss one another.
  • Get naked with one another about goals, dreams, fears, finances and shortcomings.
  • Allow your spouse to be who they are and don’t try to change them.

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Meet Milton Lawrence a photographer passionate about telling a visual story. He not only wants to capture the moment but the various perspectives and meaning to often tell many stories he witnesses through his lens. His creativity and eye for details can bring an otherwise unassuming scene to life.


Name: Milton Lawrence

Business Name: Milton Lawrence Photography & 1800MyPhoto

Tell us a little about yourself

I am originally from the eastside of Baltimore, MD.  My father is from Trinidad so that is where I got my love for art, exploration and music. After leaving high school I served 8 year in the Marine Corps, traveling all over the world. The culmination of these life experiences has help differentiate me in my work and how I connect with people. I like to think that I am problem solver, leader and giver. What fulfills me the most is that I love to give. Not for the accolades but because I love the abundant feeling of playing a small role in making other’s feel awesome.

When did your love affair with photography begin?

My love affair started after I shot my first wedding. Because of my love for food, family, dancing and an occasional cocktail. This was the perfect receipt for a true love affair.

What type of photographer are you?

Lifestyle Portrait and Wedding Photographer

What about a subject inspires you?

What inspires me the most is the transformation of confidence in my clients. Most of my clients are ordinary moms, executives and entrepreneurs which have never stepped in front of a professional camera. Many times they are uncertain on what to expect in front of the camera.  What inspires me is watching their reaction when they see how awesome they look on camera.

Preferred camera brand.

Come on now, NIKON is where it’s at. Lol

In all seriousness, it doesn’t matter. The best camera in the world is the one that you have on you when moments that you want to capture happen.

Thoughts on being an entrepreneur.

Seed Time, Progression Time , Harvest Time  (This cannot be fast tracked)

Word of advice that you would give someone interested in photography.

Find a mentor

Words of wisdom you would give someone interested in being an entrepreneur.

Work for free for one year in your chosen endeavor before launching.

What mark would you like to leave on the world?

I want to be an example that one can create any lifestyle they choose. No matter the circumstances.

What has been one of your most inspiring and motivating moments as a photographer?

Photographing my mother as she ages. Documenting moments to help her remember the family and moments that we get to experience together.

What photographers inspire you?

Jide AlaKija, Chad Pennington and Josh Dwain Frith

Who do you define as a visionary?

Me…. Watch me work.

If you had to overwhelm one of the 5 senses of everyone you came in contact with for a day, which of the senses would you chose?

One of my favorite books is the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I would not pick a sense as everyone is different. Whatever sense that helps you become more present in the moment is the one I would wish others would use to help them become their best selves. I have learned that when we know who we are, everything changes. The best part is we are in complete control.

To learn more about Milton Lawrence Photography and 1800MyPhoto visit the sites below.