Over Accessorized bannerA beautiful Sunday afternoon in Baltimore made way for a spectacular event at Diamondz Event Center, Over Accessorized: Girls Night Out took over the building. Katie-Marie Fickling, a genius level visionary, is the curator for this amazing event.  Not only does the dope fly young woman give small businesses a platform for exposure, she ensures that this event is multi-layered with purpose for the community. As a non-profit fund raiser, Over Accessorized donates a portion of its proceeds to an organization geared towards women and children, provides an outlet for young women to get service learning hours, gives small businesses a voice, and provide a great safe motivating environment for ladies to simply enjoy a afternoon/night out with friends.

Occupying 3 spaces with over 70 small business exhibitors, 500 attendees, amazing sponsors and a staff that in her words are “Dope”, Katie-Marie has developed and continues to evolve this event into a bigger and better format.  Ensuring to provide attendees with great resources, careful not to over saturate one specific market, simply diligent in understanding that building a business base of vendors to cover the basic needs to the more posh desires and everything in between, Over Accessorized has nailed it as a premier event in the DMV.

As if adding exposure to the many great small product and service vendors in the area wasn’t enough, Over Accessorized set the stage for local singer, song writer Kissi B to entertain attendees with her wonderful vocals. In addition, DJ Lady Mysterious created a feel good vibe with her magnificent djing skills while attendees enjoyed tasty culinary treats.  And just when you thought what more could you ask for, the icing was put on the cake.  Charreah K. Jackson, lifestyle and relationship editor of Essence Magazine, participated in an inspirational chat session with attendees. Talk about exposure and networking opportunities. Whew!!! If you weren’t familiar with this event before today, Get Familiar!!!

Katie-Marie Fickling is providing great events in Baltimore. Stay tuned for how she plans to dazzle us next!!


Follow Over Accessorized on FB @Over Accessorized Girls Night Out, on Instagram @overaccessorized_gno or stay current by visiting their website at www.overaccessorized.com

Check out the fabulous exhibitors that participated in this event!

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Meet our style muse of the week Nakeia Drummond. This lovely lady has a natural talent of inspiring others through her style. Be Inspired!!!

Nakeia 2


Describe your personal style.

Versatile. I’m most comfortable in casual chic looks but I love to get glamorous for occasions. Yet most days I’m happily in sweats.

Where do you find inspiration?

InStyle mag and these days the stylish ladies of IG keep me on my toes.

What articles of your style, do you over indulge in?

I don’t think I over indulge in anything. If anything, I under indulge because I don’t like to spend my money. I often feel like I don’t have anything to wear and I really don’t have a lot of pieces. Friends roll their eyes at me when I say that but then they see that I’m actually sharing a closet with my husband and say, wow these are all of your clothes?” I guess I’m good at creating several looks with the same pieces.

What’s one of your favorite places to shop?

Zara. Reasonably priced, on trend in a classic way, and great quality for the price. Plus, there is something there for everyone!

Which would you chose a wine cellar, home library, or swimming pool?

Swimming pool….I love to swim. If I could own an indoor pool, that would be the life.

What intrigues you most about a man’s style?

I really enjoy a man who’s style reflects that he understands the importance of fit. I love a well-tailored man…specifically mine.

 If you had to overwhelm one of the 5 senses of everyone you came in contact with for a day, which sense would you chose?

Sight….I guess that makes me a bit shallow. But doesn’t everyone want to be eye-catching?

 If you had a magical power what would it be?

I’d be able to clone myself. I never feel like I get through my goals for a day or season.

 If you came with a caution label what would it say?

Not easily broken or Unforgettable.

If you were described as an experience, what would be the description?

A cross country journey: there will be sun, there will be rain. Beauty in all of it. Likely, once in a lifetime, but in a  sensible and practical way.  Exhausting at times, yet still a thrill. Calculated yet whimsical.

Nakeia 1





Sports Illustrated and style experts give us the their take on the 50 most fashionable athletes. Baltimore’s own Carmelo Anthony made the list as well as Serena Williams, Misty Copeland, Victor Cruz, Cam Newton and Ciara’s boo, Russell Wilson to name a few. Check out Sports Illustrated on stands now.

Carmelo Best Dressed Athletes in Sports on SI’s Fashionable 50 ListCamelo



Why looking good means feeling good…