Jermaine Gibbs of Out the Box Photography as a father

Jermaine Gibbs is talented photo journalist, a humble philanthropist and attacks each day with amazing faith and creativity. His talent and creativity has captured amazing moments and exposed his audience to things they are familiar with as well as the not so familiar. As an entrepreneur his impeccable work ethic, his desire to go above and beyond for his clients and his vision to expose beauty and be a blessing in areas that may not be so appealing makes him a sought after talent in his industry. As a philanthropist he has been a blessing to the homeless in Baltimore, showing them as people not a subject that others chose to ignore. He gives his time and energy to assist them in anyway that he can and has pulled together a team of many other wonderful people in the city and beyond to collectively assist them. In addition to his many other roles, one of his most important roles is that of a father.

We salute you Jermaine as a father who is present and make his kids proud.

What did you learn most about yourself as a father?

Responsibility, Unconditional Love and Sacrifice

What do you love most about being a dad?

Making my kids happy.

What encouraging words would you give to a first time father?

Get ready to experience love like you’ve never experience before. Being a father will be one of the most important roles you ever have.

What advice do you give to your kids as they grown and make their place in the world?

Always put God first. Never take no for an answer, continue to work hard for the yes. You can be whatever you want to be.

As a dad and entrepreneur, what advice do you give to achieve work/life balance:

Make time for family not matter what!

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