DIY Facial



A great way to prepare your skin for Spring is to give yourself a facial.

Try this step by step process to revitalize your skin.


What you will need…

  • a large glass bowl
  • gentle exfoliating scrub
  • wash cloth and large hand towel
  • face mask
  • facial moisturizer or vitamin E
  • favorite aromatherapy oil

To Do:
1.       Clean. Remove all makeup or natural build up from the day. Wash your face, neck and ears with a good facial cleaner.

2.       Exfoliate. Using small circular motions, gently rub an exfoliating facial scrub all over your face. Be sure to exfoliate behind your ears and your neck as well. Bonus: exfoliate your lips check out our DIY lip scrub recipe in our beauty section.

3.       Steam: If you own a facial steamer, wonderful, if not use a large glass bowl (bigger than your face) fill with hot water add a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy.

Warning/Caution:  be very careful with hot water

Drape towel over head, with face over at a safe distance over the bowl (when the water is at a safe temperature that you can tolerate).  Steam for 10 minutes, sweat those pores.

Rinse with cool water. Pat dry

4.       Mask: I personally loveBlack CharcoalClay Mask but whatever mask you chose based on your skin type will do. Rinse. Pat dry.

5.       Moisturize:  Use your favorite moisturizer or my personal favorite Vitamin E

Bonus: Be sure to treat your skin from inside out…hydrate…drink plenty of water and eat your green veggies.

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