Style Muse: Kenji Jackson

Meet our style muse Kenji Jackson, an educator, mentor, author and well dress man.

Describe your personal style.

For me less is more. I’m not into flashy apparel. I pride myself on being diverse from the board room, to the lounge to the ballgame. I like my clothes fitted and I have a large collection of sneakers.

Who or what helped cultivaKenjite your overall style?

My dad was always really cool so I took a little from him. Outside of that I cultivated my own style based on what I feel looks best on me.

What’s a staple item that you can’t leave home without?

My chapstick (lol)

When wearing a tie, which style knot do you prefer?

I prefer the Windsor and the Trinity Knot

What’s one of your favorite places to shop?

Macy’s and DTLR

Do you have a signature fragrance?

Gucci Guilty/YSL


What are 3 things you feel a man must have in his wardrobe?

A custom designer suit/Black wing tipped shoes/Pair of Retro Jordans

What intrigues you most about a woman’s style?

Her attention to detail and ability to wear a variety of different styles. Versatility.

What makes a woman sexy?

To me being sexy isn’t about how pretty a woman is. It’s her walk, her voice, the way she dresses, her confidence, the way her lips move when she talks, her scent and her vocabulary.

If you could be a superhero, which one would you be?

Spiderman! We are built similar and I study spiders. I’ve had them as pets.

What’s your preference cognac, vodka or bourbon?

Cognac… Grand Marnier

Favorite Bond (007): Daniel Craig, Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan?

Pierce Brosnan

Scarface or The Godfather?






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