Kenji Jackson of BKS Worldwide as a Father

Kenji is a passionate educator, mentor and author. He shares his passion in the community as he travels the country inspiring the youth sharing his time and talents. You can always look to Kenji for words of encouragement and motivation, as well as thought provoking conversations. Never take for granted the opportunity to learn a little something from his genuine spirit. He supplies many lessons as he openly shares his journey as a dad.

Kenji we salute you as a father who is present and makes his kid proud.

Tell us about some things you learned about yourself when you became a father

I learned that you work much harder and make better choices when you have another life depending on you. I learned that I am a push over in some respects because my son has me wrapped around his finger.

What do you love most about being a dad

What I love most about being a dad is the responsibility that comes with the title. My son is in my hands. It’s up to me to provide for him, teach him, prepare him, love him and guide him and that in my eyes is a gift, a privilege.

What are some encouraging words that you would give to a first time dad

Do what you were chosen to do proudly and confidently. You were hand selected specifically to be a father to your child(ren) because you are the best person for the job.

What advice do you feel is necessary that you give to your son as he grows and makes his place in the world.

Be respectful and take proud in how you carry and present yourself. Don’t look for short cuts and try to learn something new every day. Smile often and never be afraid to show emotion or that you care. Pride yourself on excellence without excuses and never forget where you came from and how blessed you are.

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