Thoughts become words, words become stories, stories bound into books, books become hours of discovery into worlds and minds. Some easy to understand, others needing to be dissected one word, phrase, line, sentence at a time to discover it’s meaning.  The life of a logophile and bibliophile is filled with the love of language and literature, reading and writing, a love affair with words. To think back on some of the best time that I have spent alone in life, words and books have always played a part. My first form of meditating and visioning happened inside the walls of libraries and inside the pages of books.  Inside the wall of the Enoch Pratt Library is where I fell in love with not just books and words but architecture and peaceful silence. When traveling one of the things I love to visit are libraries.

As a native of Baltimore it’s nice to know that one of the libraries that others recognize around the world is housed here in our city, The George Peabody Library.  CNN released a video sharing some of the world’s most exquisite libraries and the Baltimore Charm made the list. Not only did it make CNNs list but it has made the list of several pieces that highlight beautiful libraries around the world. Here are just a few….libraries definitely take you beyond words.

Photo Credit: Jeff Lee

George Peabody Library photo by Jeff Lee




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Over Accessorized bannerA beautiful Sunday afternoon in Baltimore made way for a spectacular event at Diamondz Event Center, Over Accessorized: Girls Night Out took over the building. Katie-Marie Fickling, a genius level visionary, is the curator for this amazing event.  Not only does the dope fly young woman give small businesses a platform for exposure, she ensures that this event is multi-layered with purpose for the community. As a non-profit fund raiser, Over Accessorized donates a portion of its proceeds to an organization geared towards women and children, provides an outlet for young women to get service learning hours, gives small businesses a voice, and provide a great safe motivating environment for ladies to simply enjoy a afternoon/night out with friends.

Occupying 3 spaces with over 70 small business exhibitors, 500 attendees, amazing sponsors and a staff that in her words are “Dope”, Katie-Marie has developed and continues to evolve this event into a bigger and better format.  Ensuring to provide attendees with great resources, careful not to over saturate one specific market, simply diligent in understanding that building a business base of vendors to cover the basic needs to the more posh desires and everything in between, Over Accessorized has nailed it as a premier event in the DMV.

As if adding exposure to the many great small product and service vendors in the area wasn’t enough, Over Accessorized set the stage for local singer, song writer Kissi B to entertain attendees with her wonderful vocals. In addition, DJ Lady Mysterious created a feel good vibe with her magnificent djing skills while attendees enjoyed tasty culinary treats.  And just when you thought what more could you ask for, the icing was put on the cake.  Charreah K. Jackson, lifestyle and relationship editor of Essence Magazine, participated in an inspirational chat session with attendees. Talk about exposure and networking opportunities. Whew!!! If you weren’t familiar with this event before today, Get Familiar!!!

Katie-Marie Fickling is providing great events in Baltimore. Stay tuned for how she plans to dazzle us next!!


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Check out the fabulous exhibitors that participated in this event!

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Jermaine Walker

Name: Jermaine Walker
Age: 42
Occupation: IT Project Manager
City & State: Elkridge, MD
Married to: Trina Walker
How many years have you been married? 8 years in July

Why was marriage important to you? I went to bed and woke up with my soon to be wife on my mind. I loved her daughter as if she was my own, as she did with my son. Everything in my life seemed right and I was fully committed to her, and our family…. And of course I Love Her!!!!

What encouraging words would you give to help another man understand the importance of marriage?  Never feel like you have to be pressured into doing it, because you are setting yourself up to fail. When you set her as your number one priority without even forcing it; when you can’t picture your future without her in it; when you have to make life changing decisions and you need her input because you want it; when you can US over I and mean it…. Then you understand the importance of your union.

What is something that you wish someone would have shared with you about marriage that you can share to enlighten others? There is nothing that I believe that someone could have shared with me, as my wife is different from most women I’ve dated or someone who I would have envisioned myself being with when I was younger.

Jermaine and Trina


What would you say is a key component to a successful marriage? Respect, while you may differ in views, disagree on topics, challenge each other in mode of thinking, even argue (it will happen)…. Respect the one you love

What advice would you give to a woman about preparing to be a wife? Do not seek marital advice from
those who aren’t or never been married.

What are some things that you appreciate about your wife? My wife is very supportive and encourage me to grow. She doesn’t try to change me, but give me the space to change myself. She lifts me when I’m down, cares for me when I’m not well, and provides another way of thinking when dealing with perplexed problems.

J and T 1


India Arie wrote a song about a love in her life called complicated melody…she uses interesting analogies to describe a few of his characteristics. Use one of her examples to give an analogy of your wife or feel free to use one of your own. We summarize our relationship with the song from Musiq Soulchild called “WhoKnows”…. We never envisioned us being married, when we started dating as we both were dealing with issues in our own personal lives. As the smoke cleared from what we were dealing with, we were still standing there together.  We both live our lives for us, two free spirited people who both feel that if we not hurting anyone and we want to do it, then we will. We only have one life, so live it and we chose to do it together.

Bonus question: Do you think that marriage is 50/50? Overall, it is 50/50, while one may carry a bigger burden in one thing, you may carry less with something else. Things tend to even out in the long run. It’s even that way financially with us. While we both have a personal account, all of our expenses (mortgage, bills, gas, child expenses) come out of a joint account