His Perspective: Milton Lawrence

Name:  Milton Lawrence Jr
Age: 37
MLOccupation: Entrepreneur
City & State: Baltimore, MD
Married to: Jaundice Lawrence
How many years have you been married? 10

At what age did you know you were ready to get married?

It was less about age and more about life experiences.

Why was marriage important to you?

Marriage was important because I wanted to disrupt the cycle of absent fathers in my family.

What encouraging words would you give to help another man understand the importance of marriage?  

Study her personality and love language. It will change over time as she becomes settled into the marriage. Never stop investing in learning about yourself and your marriage. I believe it is a lifelong task as are the mysteries of marriage.

What is something that you wish someone would have shared with you about marriage that you can share to enlighten others? 

Create your own rules and learn as much as you can about your ego.

What would you say is a key component to a successful marriage?

Create your own rules.

lawrencehusbandand wifeWhat advice would you give to a woman about preparing to be a wife?

Lead when you need to lead and submit when you need to submit. The nothing box is very real.

What are some things that you appreciate about your wife?

 My wife is a woman of strength, her mental toughness and willingness to complete me in the areas where I am weak is what I appreciate the most about her.

Nisey 8

India Arie wrote a song about a love in her life called Complicated Melody…she uses interesting analogies to describe a few of his characteristics. Use one of her examples to give an analogy of your wife or feel free to use one of your own.

If she were a fish, she would be a jellyfish. Beautiful on the inside and out, from the top of her head to the fertile wisdom in her belly.

Bonus question: Do you think that marriage is 50/50?

No – Marriage Is 100/100


Is there any other advice you would like to share about marriage?

  • Once a year take guys only and a girls only trip. It will allow you time to miss one another.
  • Get naked with one another about goals, dreams, fears, finances and shortcomings.
  • Allow your spouse to be who they are and don’t try to change them.

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